Garage Door Weather Stripping Solutions For The Do It Yourself Homeowner

A garage door maintenance company can handle the weatherstripping for you, or you can do it yourself. There are more ways than one to get the job done. You certainly want your garage door sealed off from the elements. It provides for better safety and security, better energy efficiency, protects your garage and your belongings and ultimately, it protects the garage door, too. How do you approach handling a garage door weather stripping project?

One way to get the job done is to use rubber vinyl. If you are familiar with this material, you might already realize it is used for the bottom seal on a garage door. One thing you will realize is that not just this material but your other material choices for garage door weather stripping aren’t very expensive. In other words, this is a nice home improvement project to go ahead and check off your list.

The second solution that you might want to use is also a bottom seal. Yet the difference is this suggestion attaches to the floor. The seal mentioned in the last paragraph, the rubber vinyl, would be attached to the door. This threshold seal that attaches to the floor is also made of vinyl. It should be mentioned that people sometimes prefer the seal to be attached to the door, not the floor, but it’s up to you how you want to handle the weather stripping for your garage door.

Of course, you’re not just having to concern yourself with the bottom of your garage door, but the top and the sides, too. Therefore, you might want to combine one of the above two options with this next weather stripping solution as well. Do you have to buy both separately? The answer is no because you can actually buy both types of weather stripping in kit form.